Winter Injury Prevention

In Texas, we don’t get many cold days but we do get some. Despite the weather, we’re still running, maybe not as much but were still running. During this brief cold stint, people tend to skip important parts of body maintenance like properly stretching (before and after runs) or keeping hydrated, which is a major issue for us on those HOT Texas days and nights. Below are a few areas to pay attention to while training during the winter. 



We tend to think of hydration during the summer months but keeping hydrated during the winter months is just as important. It’s important to stay hydrated in general and especially important when you’re training, so make sure you’re taking in enough water and electrolytes. Check out this article for more ways to stay hydrated during the winter months.

8 Tips for Hydrating in Cold Weather




Probably the least favorite thing for runners is stretching but is arguably the most important for peak performance and injury prevention. If you’re going to get serious about running proper stretching should be a daily task whether you’re running that day or not. Our friends over at The Running Experience have a great article about exercises to prevent injury.OUR TOP 3 INJURY PREVENTION EXERCISES FOR RUNNERS They also have a great article about stretching after your run.HOW TO STRETCH AFTER YOUR RUN



There are a few things every runner should have in their arsenal. #1 is a good pair of shoes #2 is a good pair of backup shoes. A few other things a runner should have are a good foam roller and a deep tissue massage ball. Both of these will come in handy especially after a long or hard run. 

10 foam roller moves for your entire body
Foam Rollers 
Massage Balls 

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