Rules of the Road

Saftey is our #1 goal, so here are a few rules/guidelines we complied for our WRTRC Runners.


Saftey 1st

Let’s obey traffic laws and the people who help at various crossings on the route!

Build the Community!

We’re family first so make sure you introduce yourself to someone new or if it’s your first time let one of the leaders know and they will make sure you get connected to the community and meet new runners.

Music low!

We run at night and in some busy areas, we do all we can to minimize non-running obstacles but we need you to be aware of what’s going on and hear instructions that might change during the run.

Our Run Groups!

We don’t discriminate on speed! We WELCOME all levels of runners! Below is a quick description of our running groups.

  • Group 1     –  Walkers (Beginner) – This group is a beginner group and power walks the whole way!
  • Group 1.5  –  Joggers (Intermediate) – This group is for the walkers that have progressed and are ready to pick up the pace a little. They still walk but jog part of the way also.
  • Group 2     –  Joggers (Moderate) – Now were running, this group runs at a nice pace usually 1o – 12 mins
  • Group 3     –  Runners (Advanced) – This group runs the entire way usually at sub 10 min paces.

    Please listen to your body and go up or down a group as you see fit! We’re here to have a good time, not to get hurt! 

A Commitment to Running!

As the WRTRC community continues to grow we want you to grow with it. It’s bigger than one of our weekly runs. We want you to grow as a person and health and fitness is just one way we help. So let’s run some races, earn a few medals, cheer for fellow runners, travel with us, and most of importantly, value all that running and spirit the community has to offer.