L.A. Marathon

This time in 2017 we sent our first team to run a Marathon, the L.A. Marathon. Since then we have had many people run in races but L.A. is where it all started. Last March six people journey from Dallas, TX to the Grand Canyon then to L.A. for a weekend that would be the start of something special.

After the events of the BMW Dallas Marathon in 2016 where we put in our first big group ( 30+ ) of people into a major race, or which it was many’s first half marathons. The racing spirit was in a lot of people and when the notification came across one of the finishers for the L.A. Marathon in March of 2017, 6 fearless runners jumped on it and decided to almost immediately start training for the L.A. Marathon. They made it a long weekend starting by flying to Arizona that Wednesday night and going hiking in the Grand Canyon. From there they drove to L.A. to begin what was the start of an inspirational running journey for our group.

We asked the L.A. six to give an update on what has happened since the L.A. Marathon, here is what a few had to say.

My We Run Things run family has gone on from that moment to do amazing things as well.  In fact, Kelli went on to complete another 3 marathons in 2017, including the NYC Marathon!  Several of us were involved in assisting with We Run Things first training program in the fall in which we trained several people for the BMW Dallas Marathon events in December.  More people within our running group have been inspired to strive for bigger goals, completing their first half-marathons and even full marathons and becoming a part of that special fraternity of people known as “finishers”.

~Rachel Embry

Each marathon I did in 2017 took at least 2-3 months of my life each to train for… so for these months, I was running consistently 3-4 days a week with my We Run Things family and at least one day a week of dedicating time to run 10 + miles or more. So I definitely don’t want to make it seem like completing a marathon is a breeze or an easy task. Just like anything in life, it’s what you put into it… that formulates what you get out of it. If you put your time, effort, heart, soul and fully commit to preparing for a marathon, you’ll get all that back and in addition, a healthier life, an awesome group of “run buddies” and an accomplishment only 10% of Americans can say that they have done…. Completed a marathon… now I can say… I’ve completed four…. and that’s just what I’ve done so FAR!!!

~Kelli Foster

My We Run Things run family has gone on to do great things since the LA Marathon experience; extensive training, setting personal records, signed up for marathons, etc. I knew once I completed this marathon that this was it for me, or so I thought. Running this amount of miles test you on multiple levels. The struggle that I encountered to finish this race (completed it with a tight and swollen achilles) replays in my mind whenever I’m up against any resistance or thoughts of quitting. Nonetheless, we are apart of a small “elite” group of people on the planet who have done a full marathon. I can truly say that I couldn’t have done this with a better group of individuals. So, onward and upwards as most of us will run in our first major marathon in Chicago! With that being said. It’s safe to say I’ll ttyl. 

~ Rodney Suell


Chicago 2018

This year we’re sending a group to the Chicago Marathon, we’re starting to prepare now for what is to be another amazing runcation in October. Make sure you follow their journey via their own personal blogs and social media accounts as they make more #MarathonMemories

Rachel Embry

Roderick Bivins

Jeremy Stewart

Brandon Bowie

Chasity Colomb

Kelli Foster

Rodney Suell

Tenille Williams


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