2018 is finally here! 2017 was great but 2018 is going to be even better! Do you have any run goals for 2018? Want to run a certain amount of miles? Want to run a set number of races? Want to run your first half or full marathon? Well, today is the day to get started on those goals if you haven’t already.

Chicago 2018

A number of our runners have already set some pretty solid goals for 2018 like running their first Major Marathon. Right after the BMW Weekend events, we were informed that 6 of our runners would be participating in the 2018 Chicago Marathon.

Since then we have also found out that a couple of other runners will be raising funds and running the marathon as well. Also a number of runners committed to coming to Chicago to support the team. So if your interested in coming to support let us know.


Cowtown 2018

One of our first major runs is right around the corner! This year is the 40th anniversary of Cowtown Marathon and will be a number of participants in events on Saturday and Sunday.This year Ricky Cox will be honored by National Black Marathoners Association. Details about his accomplishments in the Cowtown Marathon can be found here. So please come out and run or support your fellow runners at North Texas largest marathon! They’ll really appreciate it.  


What Goals do you have?

A number of people have committed to running 1000 miles or more! A pretty large number which equates to at least 83 miles a month. Others have PR goals in all distances and others have weight loss goals, injury prevention and most importantly goals just to get more active. Whatever your goal is we have a community of certified runners, trainers and friends here to support you. Make sure you follow our journey in 2018 and come out to a few runs! 

What are your fitness goals in 2018 and how can we help? Don’t let 2018 go by and you haven’t hit your goals, but most importantly don’t set goals that are not in tune with your with your life. A fellow runner writes about setting goals that aren’t your own or are not helping your progress here, its a very thought-provoking read that we recommend before setting your 2018 goals.  this  Let us know in the comments or contact us. Can’t wait to see you all soon! 

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